is an architect-led design-build firm in the greater New York Metropolitan area founded by Rosario S. Mannino, Architect. The firm specializes in the design of luxury residences, townhouses and apartments. Rosario S. Mannino is a registered architect and a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, American Institute of Architects, US Green Building Council, The Institute of Classical Art & Architecture and The Rutherford Historical Preservation Society.


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Why choose RS MANNINO?

Do you have a luxury residential project in mind? RS MANNINO is the right firm to call. We specialize in luxury residences, apartments, and townhouses. From interior selections to a full architect-led design-build, we have the right team to get it done.

Our services also include construction management, property services, architecture, site selection & permitting, and new construction & renovation.

Spearheaded by Rosario S. Mannino, an esteemed member of the National Council of the Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

As featured on Houzz, we guarantee that your residential projects will become real estate gems.

If you’re looking for architecture firms in NJ you can trust, RS MANNINO is the company to be. We have been building homes and realizing dreams for years now. From designing your home, permitting a site, renovation, and more, our services are always available.

Our Jersey City architects will take the helm to ensure that every dollar you spend will be equated with value. We know how each home means a lot to our clients. It’s a product of their perseverance and hard work. With this, it’s our job to make their ideas come to life with reliable architecture services.

With RS MANNINO, we’re not just building homes; we’re also uplifting lives.

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Advantages of hiring a residential architect

If you want to start strong and finish strong on your dream project, you need residential Jersey City architects to help you out.

Here are the advantages of hiring one:

  • You will get it right. Bad actors can ruin a project and cost expensive errors. But with the help of architecture firms NJ like RS MANNINO, you will execute every aspect of the project with precision. Also, residential architects in NJ have the knowledge to get successful projects done.

  • Ensuring design integrity. By promoting the best standards, NJ custom home builders ensure that you will have comfortable spaces to live at. Residential architects will ensure that the end results are the same as the original approved design.

  • Safety and aesthetics. Both of these aspects will not be compromised if you hire residential Jersey City architects. They will comply with local and building codes while making sure that the project meets your aesthetic demands.

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All about residential architects in NJ

Jersey City architects will make your home ideas come to life. The architecture firms in NJ will design your projects based on the look and overall feel that you have in mind.

More than aesthetics, residential architects in NJ also have to focus on functionality, safety, and durability of their designs. If you want your home to stand out among the rest, it’s best to hire bespoke architects in NJ to take on the job.

You can also invest in NJ custom home builders to design and build your dream house. The like of RS MANNINO has been in the industry for years. Rest assured that your home will be an investment you will never regret.

Aside from establishing the look of your home, Jersey City architects can also help with site selection and permitting, interior selections, architect-led build-design, and more property services. With this, you will have a one-stop provider for all the things you need to construct your new home.

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Importance of Architecture Firms in Construction & Renovation

In the process of construction and renovation, architecture firms in NJ play a vital role. Architecture firms in NYC are tasked to develop the design and floor plan of the property. And as custom home builders in NYC, they cater to the special requests of the client when it comes to the design.

Satisfy building laws. Architects aren’t just designers. They also have to abide by various building laws and specific regulations of the state.

Communicates with the engineer. Once the plan is laid out and approved, the architect will work with the structural or civil engineer during the construction. This is to ensure that the plan is followed and the design is true to the blueprint.

Estimating the cost of construction. Architects guide the engineers in estimating the cost of the project. The architect will discuss the plan so the engineer can choose the right material to use to achieve the design.

Valuable insights for the project. The architect can provide insights to the engineer during construction. Since architects know every inch of the construction plan, it makes sense why they have to be involved during the construction.

Continuous maintenance. After the construction, architecture firms in NJ can advise about the maintenance of specific parts of the design. They also conduct quality control over the site regularly during the construction.

RS MANNINO is an architecture firm that will handle your construction and renovation projects. As custom home builders in NYC, we can cater to your requests. Our architects will handle the project from conceptualization to construction.